Editable file pdf from other users

Sorry for my English.
I’ve been using gravity forms for a long time.
A customer has now asked me for a special add-ons.
A user fills out a form and creates a pdf file, and so far ok.
Other users see this pdf file and report what they want to change (for example, like Google drive word files that when changed by other users mark what they have changed).
It’s possible to do it?

Gravity Forms itself doesn’t generate PDF-files, but GravityPDF can. I don’t think editing the PDF-file is part of the functionality of that plugin though.

Why would your client want to generate a PDF-file and then have other users the ability of changing the generated files? Wouldn’t it be easier to push the contents of the first entry to a new Google Docs file and have users edit it from there? If the doc then is needed as a PDF, the doc can easily be downloaded as PDF from there.

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