Looking for general examples of GP Nested Forms + Gravity PDF [RESOLVED]

Good day Fellow Gravitons,

For a year or so, I’ve had a PDF that includes output from a nested form. Just recently, an update has borked this PDF from outputting the nested form data. It looks like some changes have been made to GravityPDF. I’ve followed through the documentation (which I initially used to create a custom PDF template), but I’m not having much luck.

I don’t often write much PHP, and so my ignorance is likely the culprit here. I’ve looked for some more comprehensive examples of a custom template with nested form data. Again, not finding much. Does anyone have an example template they might be willing to share?

I’m typically more than happy waiting for a reply from support, but this happens be a form that gets utilized numerous times a day, and so my stress levels are on high :stuck_out_tongue: I’m starting to get the death gaze from various co-workers :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance!

This issue was solved via the Gravity PDF support channel. For those interested, custom merge tags being used in the template were no longer working. The recommendation was to remove them in favour of looping over and accessing Nested Form data using PHP: https://docs.gravitypdf.com/v5/developer-php-form-data-array#nested-forms

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Yes! All patched up, thanks to the quick response and solution provided by Jake. Thanks again for the help!