Use a standard group of fields on demand? [RESOLVED]

We use forms for event registration in addition to many other uses. Some of our events require the user to agree to a group of conditions (Media Release, Eligibility Requirements, Waiver and Release for outdoor activities).

Is there a way to add these as needed to event registration forms without having to recreate them every time?

The plugin Bulk Actions for Gravity Forms by Jetsloth provides a way to duplicate multiple fieds, re-order them, and append to other forms. The Gravity Hopper plugin also provides a Field Hopper Module which can be used for adding field groups in this way.

Disclaimer: I mention the Gravity Hopper solution in my capacity as the developer and not from my official position as a Support Engineer with Gravity Forms.


Thanks Joshua, very helpful.

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If you are okay that the signing of those items does not have to be done within the initial form submission, the Gravity Flow Form Submission Step step type would be a good one to look at. You can use conditional logic on each step to define whether the follow-up details are/not required. Because it is a separate form that you are completing, you could also use gravityflow_step_is_condition_met to determine if the repeat event submitter has already signed off and not require it again from them.


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