Loop a form without repeater fields

understand Gravity form repeater fields are in beta and do not support product fields. I am trying to have my form loop back to the beginning.

My form is an order for with many conditional logic options. When the customer gets to the bottom they are asked if they have another product. If they say yes, I want it to start over while keeping the original product with options choose the first time.

Is this possible?
Or do I have to replicate all the previous fields and make them conditional?
If so, is there a way to duplicate multiple fields at once or do I have to duplicate each field individually?

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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If you have a finite number of products that will allow on an order (for example, they can only order up to 10 items) then you could use an individual section for each product, and use conditional logic (based on the answer to a question “do you have another product”) to shown them as necessary. Each section would have fields to collect all the information you need about that product.

In order to repeat sections of fields, you can use this add-on for Gravity Forms:

Or, there is this 3rd party solution which may be exactly what you are looking for:

Thank you, those are great suggestions.
We are trying to keep the current costs down as much as possibly and cant buy the addon right now.

The 3rd party plugin is not searchable in wordpress, do i need to download and then upload?

We have three products with multiple options and variations (all set to conditional logic) but still three products. We want the customer to choose their product, customize it with the options and then be asked if they have another project. If they say no, the form opens up the shipping and contact information to order their product. If they choose yes, the same three products need to appear to allow them to choose from the same chooses again. We want them to be able to do this up to five times before contacting us directly or filling out another form.

Do I need to just replicate/ duplicate the fields and set their own conditional logic?

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There were two 3rd party add-ons I mentioned. They are both paid. Here’s where you can find them:

Yes, you would just duplicate the sections and the fields (for the product) within the section. Use conditional logic on the whole section when you want to show it, based on their click on “do you want to add another product.” You won’t need to use conditional logic on each field in the section; just use the conditional logic on the section break.

You will have one section visible, then four more sections that can be revealed using conditional logic.

Thank you, that clears up a lot.

I am using X Theme and since the update, the gravity forms element is no longer supported. I have to enter a short code into a raw content or snippet element to display the form.
Issue is I can’t find the forms short code. I reviewed the documentation on how to load a form on my pages and found only one call function that does not work inside of my themes elements within cornerstone.
If I add it through the WordPress page editor, I can’t mess with the css in cornerstone and the theme may overwrite the form. Any ideas?

Does this help?