Repeater feature with conditional logic in form builder

Hello all,

I have been searching the forum and found reference to:

This seems like the perfect solution for my project. I am looking to apply conditional logic and calculations that I can’t achieve in the ‘list’ field. My goal would be to create a section and then allow the user to repeat that section when entering. I have considered allowing the user to complete the same form repetatively and exporting with zapier into a table but it would be much better if I could keep all the data within one form ectry to extract and manipulate later.

Is anyone able to confirm if this feature will be coming to the form editor or would I have to design/complete code based? If so would it maked sense to build the form/section and then export the form json to use to then code/repeat it.

As you can likely tell my coding knoweldge is limited but am eager to learn .

Thanks for your time.

I can’t delete this post but I am looking at GravityView to try and create a solution by displaying multiple submissions of the same form with a filter applied to only show the ones for that category

@KennCS from my experience, the Gravity Forms repeater field is still quite barebones, and not very user-friendly to work with at the moment. You may find Gravity Wiz’s Nested Forms solution useful here


The repeater field suffers from a lack of native conditional and calculation support, so it’s not suitable for some situations. Due to the way elements are wrapped and classes are applied, it also requires a bit of fancy styling to get the grid positioning to display correctly.

Regardless, I’ve previously created a plugin that added a checkbox the the advanced settings that allowed either a single field or an entire section to be converted into a repeater. I pasted the core parts into a new snippet for your reference.
Even if it doesn’t work out of the box, it should give you a little bit of an idea of what may be involved in trying to use repeaters natively.