User can add same field by clicking on button in front end


i have seen the gravity and explored it but I want one feature that will be useful for all the users who are using this form the feature is that :
Suppose I have created a form with many fields I want user contact information I want to add the button the user can add that section and fill it with multiple times with that button when user click add new button there be same fields created if user want to create it 100 times it should be created 100 times with that same button,

Please Help regarding this thanks

Hello Mubeen. There are probably two good solutions for one: one requires programming; one does not:

Code free approach:

If you would like to accomplish this without an add-on and your own PHP:

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Thanks i will try these will in form you

how I can add custom coding in the existing form?

Hi Mubeen. To add custom coding to the existing form, you would be looking at the Repeater functionality:

Did you have any other questions or more information to share?

i cannot understand that where i have to add this code in the page or in the form?

Hi Mubeen. If you’re not certain where to add the code, you may be better off using a plugin that can handle this for you:

The code examples for the Gravity Forms Repeater fields are examples only, and will need to be modified to suit your needs. Once done though, that is PHP code which can go into your theme functions.php file, or a custom functionality plugin. We describe some options for your PHP code here: