Grouping Fields and Repeating Them [RESOLVED]

Trying to create a group of fields including name, address, and dates that can be repeated optionally by user if needed. A bit like Typeform offers with their Question Groups

Use case is for application requiring user to enter each school attended from high school to college, and for post-graduate work too. Some users have attended 2-3 schools at different levels so the total number of fields per education level varies. While this can be done using conditional logic, the process is tedious and prone to error as each school level requires building 4-5 fields x 4 levels.

Ideally, I’d like to add one group of fields called “School” that the user could duplicate to add additional schools as needed.

GF Repeater seems like it might work in this case, but I’m not able to then use merge tags to display individual values of fields. Hope this makes sense. Any insights appreciated.

You can use GP Nested Forms to group those fields and create a repeater field out of them. With GP Nested Forms, you’ll create a child form with the fields you want to group and then embed that child form onto the main/parent form. This will allow users submit multiple entries to the child form, thereby repeating the group fields.


You can use Gravity Flow Parent/Child extension to have the child form filled out as either a modal window within the main/parent form or as a separate screen altogether. An added benefit is that if each child form needs a separate set of follow-on tasks/documentation, they each can have a workflow with conditional logic/branches determining which steps are required/performed.

Thank you, Samuel. Was able to use Gravity Wiz’s Nested Forms and it worked for perfectly for this purpose.


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