Repeaters and/or nested forms

I’m going crazy with the repeater and nested forms.

Don’t know how to install the repeater beta version and the nested forms add on that I purchased does not have conditional logic so it displays information I don’t need.

On my form I need for my clients to have the ability to select the multiple rooms of their homes (master bedroom, master bath, hall bath, kitchen, etc.). So after they pick the first room then they would need to pick other rooms with the same repeatable info.

In a section of a room there is additional repeatable info that I need within that part as well. For example doors, I would need the client to pick what kind of doors and how many.

I get by doing a lot of things on my own but I’m not a tech. I need help. I hit a barrier wall with this issue.

Can you please recommend me a Gravity Forms designer or developer?

The Repeater field functionality is built in to Gravity Forms. It does not require installation. However, it does require PHP code. If you’re not comfortable with that, the Repeater field is not for you.

As for GP Nested Forms, have you already reached out to Gravity Wiz support?