Can I do this type of form in Gravity?

I need to register for a weekend festival - like a big sports event where an adult will sign up several children in multiple events.

For the overall festival, I need to collect some basic information/email (the adult, the payee).

Then in a specified event, a child with a cost and I need to collect some personal details/custom fields, and several REQUIRED uploaded images.

Friday night, Mary, $10 fee, images
Friday night, Tommy, $10 fee, images
Saturday AM, Mary, $20 fee, images
Saturday PM, Sam, $20 fee, images

So I’ll need some kind of conditional/smart ability to ask if there is another registration needed after each one (or some similar mechanism).
And of course I need to check out with a payment processor.

Ultimately this data is going into MSSQL.
Can I get to the images after they are uploaded easily? via URL?

I’m debating WPForms and Gravity. Any help is appreciated. Thx

The Gravity Flow Parent/Child extension provides you with the ability to relate multiple forms together and depending on your preference for modal/pop-up versus separate page to complete the child forms. Check out Parent-Child Forms - Gravity Flow which covers what the setup process would look like.

You can use conditional logic to show/hide fields on the form, and similar setup to define if/which steps in a workflow with Gravity Flow should be performed.

Depending on your level of complexity for pricing, allowing revisions up to specific date(s), etc. the extensions for Stripe and Form Connector to allow payment or modifications during any step in the workflow may also be ones you want to look at.


i’m concerned with a few things…
all these registrations will be done via mobile, so i’m concerned about the way P-C Forms display “in the sidebar” and how that will look on mobile.
PLUS from a user aspect, the lingo of “my Child Form” will be confusing to non-technie non-programmer types using the forms - avg. age of my users is 50+

I’m testing on
how do i get this extension installed there?

All the strings in the plugin can be customized/translated via the usual WP translation methods. Translating Gravity Forms using Loco Translate - Gravity Forms is a good overview. So if ‘My Attendees’ or ‘My Group Members’ is more appropriate that is easy to adjust.

You can test the experience at Gravity Flow Demo

CSS and theme can handle a lot of that, but as I mentioned the modal/popup scenario that is part of the entry details screen isn’t always the right fit. When you fill in the demo form, the confirmation includes a link based on merge tag that allows the child entries to be submitted via their own form and stay associated to the parent. So if you had setup the block/shortcode for the child form on a page the link to provide would be{entry_id}.

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