Collecting Multiple Participants Info & Sending Stripe Invoices

We have a client who is using Gravity Forms and the Stripe add-on to power event registrations. These events have two participants and require payment to enter. The entry fees are not cheap so having one person pay and be reimbursed by the other participant is lowering our conversion. Is it possible for Participant A to fill out their half of the form, submit payment, and then send the remaining empty fields/form to Participant B for them to complete the remaining fields and submit their half of payment?

If we need to send the participants an invoice via email and not collect their payment on the form, that would work as well. We just need to have a way to tie the payments back to the form submissions.

Any help, thoughts, or ideas are welcome and appreciated!

Have you checked in to GravityFlow?

I don’t know if that is possible, but that is the best chance I think.