Automated Emails for people who fill in form but do not pay


My form has two payment options - by stripe and by paypal, however sometimes users complete the form, and then when taken to the payment page they just don’t pay.

I’d really like to be able to send these users a follow up email that is automated, but I’m struggling to work out how. When they complete the form I get an email notification, the same as if they had paid. I use mailchimp, is there anyway to link the two and make sure the email only goes to those that have not paid?

Just have a brain freeze right now!

The partial entries add-on is probably where you would want to start. Adding Gravity Flow with it means that you could have workflows start when a partial entry is created. An overview of the setup process for both. Gravity Flow supports all of the Gravity Forms add-ons, so if you have the Mailchimp add-on installed, the workflow can trigger it as a step at any point required.