Automate unpaid bills via Email and Payment link

Hi there, I have a question: We have simple forms to apply and pay via Mollie (NL) for a course. Sometimes it happens that the payment fails. We can see this in Gravity Forms. We made a “NOT PAID” event with a (Plink) Payment link so we can send (manually) this to the customer and ask them to do the payment (again). The payments goes to the Payment Gateway: Mollie, the Payment links are provided by a subcompany from Mollie namely Plink. My question is:

Is there a way to automate this? So if the payment failed, gravity forms should trigger the “NOT PAID” event automatically. Now we have to do this manually. It is not so much work right now but this can change.

I would recon that this can be done via an (Mollie) API or Rest-API and/or Webhooks? Does this require custom coding? Or is this wheel already be invented?

p.s.: this is NOT partial entry we have this also running and this runs fine.

Thx a lot in advance,

This can be done with GF hooks and custom coding. I think you would start with this documentation:

Not sure if there is already a wheel invented.

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A large portion of the wheel for that use case is capable with features that Gravity Flow provides. Much like you can setup conditional logic to show/hide fields on the form, you can setup conditional logic to determine if steps in a workflow happen.

Assuming the payment (feed?) and its’ failed status is defined into a field on the form, then setting up workflow branches to only perform when it’s a failure would be easy. For some step types, such as the outgoing webhook, you can also define what the next step in the workflow should be based on response data.