Mollie payment after completion to different confirmation page or more tags in reply

I want to have a different confirmation page, based on the payment (paid or not).

We’re tried to work using these shortcodes:
[gravityforms action=“conditional” merge_tag=“{entry:payment_status}” condition=“is” value=“Paid”]
“here some text to show if payment succeeded”

[gravityforms action=“conditional” merge_tag=“{entry:payment_status}” condition=“isnot” value=“Paid”]
“here some text to show if payment failed”

But the payment_status is not pushed with the confirmation.

There are 2 issues we’re facing:

  1. To measure the conversion in Google Tag Manager, We need different URLs.
    Is there a way to set-up 2 confirmation pages?
  2. We’re showing the forms in a popup. When returning from Mollie the popup is closed. A check on the parameter ?gf_mollie_result= won’t work, because we have multiple form popups on our pages.

We also tried this shortcode based on this topic but is also not working. It should be a standard functionality in my opinion.

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Hi Rienco,

I’m not too sure about the 2nd issue around pop-ups, but I suspect the reason your conditional shortcodes aren’t giving the expected result for the first is that the confirmation is displaying before the feed for payment is being processed. If you turn on the logging for the form, it should confirm whether that is the case or not.

FYI: With Gravity Flow, the execution of feeds as a part of the workflow (each feed type will have a workflow step type), values out of it could be used. It might be more of a case of having multiple confirmations, the latter conditional based on the entry:payment_status instead of one confirmation with conditional shortcodes on it.