Form is still going to the confirmation page even though the payment is failed

Hi Support,

We would really want to avoid the customer to go through the confirmation page un less the paypal payment is successful. How can we fix this?

Example payment status: Payment failed to be captured. Reason: Cannot capture the payment. PayPal Debug ID: a57c308f8d3ef this should not go through the confirmation page or redirect it to a different confirmation message (We already added the new confirmation but we just need to know how to set the conditional to this scenario)

Or atleast how can we handle a conditional confirmation based on the payment status. Kindly provide a specific approach and usecase for this scenario. Please note that we’ve been testing gform_pre_submission gform_after_submission but it doesnt work.

A proper approach for the conditional confirmation may be a workaround but please provide some steps by steps process. We would really appreciate it.


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