PayPal Checkout Confirmation Page If Payment Fails or is Cancelled [RESOLVED]


I am using the PayPal Checkout Add-on for the first time and am running into an issue with confirmations. I have a redirect set up in the form’s confirmation settings but need to be able to redirect the user to a different page if the transaction fails or is cancelled.

I see the PayPal Checkout webhooks documentation ( and believe this may be the key to redirecting the user based on the payment status? If so, my non-technical self needs more “beginner level” detailed instructions as I’m not sure how to adjust the example for what I need to do. The example in the documentation adds a note and I need to add a redirect.

I’ve seen at least one similar question in this forum and the person was referred to support. The solution was not posted in the forum so I’m not sure how the problem was resolved. I did open a support ticket but have not heard back yet. Plus I’d like to post the resolution here in case it could help someone else solve their problem quickly.

Thank you in advance!

It’s not currently possible to use different confirmations based on the PayPal Checkout payment status. The reason for this is that the status is not known until PayPal sends a webhook, which occurs after the form submission has already completed. The timing of the webhook is also not guaranteed, in most cases it will arrive within minutes, but it’s also possible for it to take hours.

As much as I wish it did not work this way, it makes sense.

Thank you for your reply, Richard. I appreciate your help!

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