How to create an on-screen confirmation reporting success or failure of the transaction, after form is submitted? [RESOLVED]

Hi Community,

I’m wondering if Gravity Forms can do this with the merge tags available to it.

What I want to do, after a form where a visitor submits a payment through Stripe (via the Gravity Forms Stripe Add-on), is have a Confirmation - ideally text-based - after the form is submitted that shows either “success” or “failure” messages, depending on how the transaction turns out. (I only want to send a success notification by email when a payment is successful).

I see that there are payment merge fields, but these only seem to be available in the email notifications, and not confirmations when I try it.

I see that there are merge values available to put in hidden fields, so you can set up conditional logic for confirmations based on those field values, but payment merge fields aren’t selectable from the merge field dropdown.

Users of the Stripe add-on, how do you accomplish displaying the payment result in an on-screen form confirmation after the user has submitted the payment form?

Thanks so much in advance!


The user is never going to see the form confirmation unless the transaction is successful with the Stripe add-on.

If you’re using the Stripe Card Field collection method, the user won’t be able to submit the form unless Stripe authorizes the charge.

If you’re using Stripe Checkout, where the user is redirected to a hosted Stripe checkout page after submitting, the user won’t be redirected back to the confirmation unless they successfully checkout via that hosted checkout page.

Ah! I’m obviously overthinking it then.

So: because I don’t need to create confirmation for failures, I don’t have to use conditional logic within the confirmation for payment failure, in the first place. Whew!

Thanks so much for your help Karl!