Sending notif emails - Forms is submitted or Payment Complete? [RESOLVED]

I’m creating a form for an event registration. Payment is via Stripe and the card info form used is from Gravityforms.

Now, to send the notification (email confirming the registration), should I set the event to “Form is Submitted” or should it be “Payment Complete”?


It will be the same when using Stripe. You should be able to use either notification event and get an email after the form is submitted (payment is collected at the same time when using Stripe.)

If you have any specific issues, please let us know.

So, either will only send the confirmation once payment is properly completed?

It’s my first time to use stripe, was using paypal on other forms.

That is correct. The form cannot be submitted without receiving the payment, when using Stripe or any payment add-on that collects the card details in the form. Because that payment must be processed before the form can actually be submitted and create an entry, either event should work fine. Try it out, in test mode first.

Thank you very much!