Return Stripe Payment ID back to Gravity Notification Field [RESOLVED]

Hey Everyone,
I’m looking to be able to send a notification to my staff that payment has been completed (this is already done and live for over a year) but want to add the Stripe Payment ID confirmation code to the notification so we can input it in our event management platform as the method of payment and reference ID.

From my research, such a field currently doesn’t exist and Stripe didn’t have much info on their end besides a unique notification directly from them.

Has anyone had any luck with this being a field to add to a notification email?


Got word back from support on this, which helped tremendously. Thanks Gravity Support. Here’s the information if any of you ever need it.

You can use the {payment_action} merge tag to add transaction details to the notifications that use one of the payment event types (i.e payment completed):

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