Gravity and Stripe, send data to Stripe and Customize Notification

I have set up 2 websites and 2 Stripe accounts which both have the same problem so i’m doing something wrong.

  1. Stripe takes a payment perfectly
  2. Customer gets a nicely branded receipt from Stripe
  3. But, when i get the payment notification all i get is the payment amount and the stripe ID. I really need the client’s name, invoice # and invoice Amount to be on the notification email.
    a. I have set up metadata in gravity forms > Stripe settings and that info is transferred to stripe.
    b. Is there a template for the email notification that I can add this metadata to? If so I can’t find it.

Gravity Forms doesn’t has any control over the emails sent by to notify you about new payments, as far as I know doesn’t provide any templates. Have you contacted with Stripe support about this as recommended previously in the ticket you opened?

Hi Samuel, got it figured out. I did use your settings > metadata to transfer certain information to Stripe, and that works perfectly, but there was no documentation I could find that explained how to use that section. So I just started playing around with it and figured it out. Allowed me to include ALL of the form results into the Stripe dashboard. If there were instructions in your documentation I couldn’t find them – and it’s a fantastic function! :slight_smile:

About the Stripe payment notification email to the client (not the customer) got that figured out too. Took me a week to find someone at Stripe who had the answer - but they don’t allow you to change anything on that notification. Not in the dashboard anyway.

All my client needed was to have invoice # and invoice total available in Stripe and Gravity Forms did that – thanks!

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