Email Invoice for new User Registration Payment

I have a GF new User Registration set up with Stripe and BuddyPress - how does the invoice payment receipt get sent to the new user ? - or is there another add-on needed?

Appreciate any pointers.


When using Stripe, on the Stripe Feed, there is an option for Stripe Receipt:

The default is No Receipt, but if you have an actual Email field in the form (from the Advanced Fields section of the form builder) you can select that email field here in the drop down, and Stripe will then send a receipt to that email address.

The other way to send a receipt is to use the Gravity Forms Notifications. You can add a new notification to be sent to the individual who submitted the form to you. Get started on the “Form settings > Notifications” menu for the form in question. Then click the “Add New” button at the top. Configure the notification to be sent to them (using a field in the form) and from you, with your own subject line and email body.

Here is more information on how to add a notification for your form:

I am not seeing those fields (I have Stripe set up successfully)

That means you do not have an email field in the form. Also, it looks like you do not have an address field in the form. Once you add an email address, you will see the dropdown to send the Stripe receipt.

Hi Chris - I do have a compulsory email field in the form which is mapped to the User Registration

  • I haven’t added an address to the form as the payment is for online access, with no need for the user to enter a physical address.

I recommend opening a support ticket so we can take a closer look.

Curious what the fix was for this, because I have an email field on my form, but no receipt option in the feed.

@rjmccollam can you open a new topic please and describe your issue? Thanks.