Metadata on Stripe email receipt

I about to start sending metadata to Stripe, so that the metadata information is visible via the Stripe dashboard.

We have Stripe set to email a receipt to the purchaser. Is there a way to include specific metadata on the email receipt? I’d like to have the Stripe receipt include what was purchased, but not some of the other metadata.

There’s very little direct control over what is shown on the Stripe receipt.

The Stripe add-on sends some information by default depending on the feed type that you’re using, and then it’s up to to decide where to show that information.

For product and services by default the description will include the product charged, example: Screenshot TcsaB46BWK.png - Droplr but may replace it with a generic description if the text is too large, example: Screenshot hZhAoC3qoK.png - Droplr

The maximum length allowed by Stripe for this description is 22 characters.

You can customize it using the following filter gform_stripe_charge_description - Gravity Forms Documentation

Subscriptions don’t get descriptions they use the plan details instead, in fact we don’t add the subscription charge, Stripe creates that charge when they process the subscription invoice.

You can use the Subscription Name setting on your feed settings. It allows you to enter text and also to use the drop down icon at the right to enter fields’ merge tags as you do with confirmations or notifications. For example, this is what I have set on my test feed: 2019-4453-bddce5e7-6e23-4229-ab5c-c146ec88223c.png - Droplr

And then I get the text and the merge tag replaced with my product field label on the Stripe receipt: 2019-4454-2ab5a612-0561-4334-b7e1-2852b3b5563c.png - Droplr

To have more control over receipts sent, I would recommend you to turn off receipts in your Stripe account and instead configure Gravity Forms notifications with the appropriate Event setting to send them on payment events such as “Payment Completed” to send a notification for product and services feed or “Subscription Created” to send a notification when a subscription is created,

Please check following documentation for more details about configuring notifications and the notification events available:

This would give you more control over the content sent in the emails sent after payment.

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