Stripe forms add ons - Metadata


Hoping something can point me in the right direction very easily. I would like to override the default description text which is passed from the stripe enabled form back to stripe itself.

I know this can be achieve using the gform_stripe_charge_description addon option but what I want to push into the description field is actually a metadata value. I am not 100% of the syntax required to make that happen.

The reason for this is for down stream integration with my financial system. An api call to stripe buries the metadata values about 4 layers down, so I was hoping to shorten that by having it go into the description field. No one will see the description field ‘operationally’ so I have no need for the product id stuff etc.

Very grateful for any pointers!


Where does the metadata come from? That’s the correct filter to use to change the description, no matter where your data comes from.

custom field inside of the GF stripe enabled form call it ‘customerID’ for sake of argument. i have configured to test form to pass the field to stripe as a metadata value without issue and i can see the metadata at the stripe end via api calls/payments view on stripe admin portal, so i know it is all working at that level.

really just a question of knowing how i declare the customerID field so in can use in the filter i guess!