How to set a webhook that notifies failed payments through Stripe

I have a registration form that allows people to pay all or in 3 installments. Apparently some folks have paid with debit cards, because we’ve gotten ‘payment failed due to insufficient funds’ a couple of times. However, we get no notice from Stripe of the failed payment, but stumbled on it while reviewing Stripe transactions.

According to Stripe support, there is no setting there to turn on notifications for such events, and they suggested we’d need to set a webhook that notifies us of failed payments, and referred us back to GF for assistance.

BTW, the failed payment is recorded in the original Gravity Forms registration entry; what I’m looking for is a way to turn that notice into an email to the site owner.

Anyone done this?

If they’re subscription payments you should be able to create a notification for the form that is configured to send to the site owner and bind it to send on the Subscription Payment Failed notification event: Gravity Forms Notification Events - Gravity Forms Documentation

The current webhook does record non-payment in the original entry, but it doesn’t generate an email notice. Is that possible?

As your use case start to require conditional logic based on one (or more) post submission activities, the ability to define multiple steps in a workflow via Gravity Flow may be something you want to consider.

What if, in addition to the email notification to site owner about the failure (a notification step with conditional logic based on the payment failure much like you’ve already setup but having issue with) you could also present the owner with an approval step or user input step for them to decide what they want to do with that entry? Our Stripe extension builds on top of the Gravity Forms add-on to provide step types to cancel/refund payments or capture what was authorized during initial form submission.


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