Subscription Created notification

Hi Experts,
I have a notification for my subscriptions that is set to the event Subscription Created. However it does not send the notification.

Any ideas on what is happening?

I only need this for the first payment so should I change to payment completed?

Thank you for your help!


Which payment add-on are you using?

Hi Richard,
Thank you for replying!
I am using Stripe.

Have you configured a webhook endpoint for your site in the connected Stripe account?

Yes, been using stripe for years now. Is there some adjustments I need to do to the webhook?

If the endpoint was setup years ago you might need to edit it in the Stripe account to update its API version as that add-on expects it to use recent API versions.

Have you tried testing with logging enabled? That would show if any webhooks are received and what API version they are using.

We are using the current API version in Stripe.
API version

I enabled GF logging anyway.

I am using WP Mail SMTP for Mailgun…could it be something going on there?

All the other notification send so this is a head scratcher on why this one for subscriptions does not.

If you check the Notes section of your entries, can you see any note added for the sending result ?

If so, provide us a screenshot of the note or the message it has.

If there’s no note added, I would recommend you to open a support ticket for further investigation.

Thank you Samuel…no note for sending. I will open a support ticket.

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