Payment After Form Submission [RESOLVED]

Is it possible to have a user submit the order form > get the submitted details in my email > and then redirect to payment ?

Hi Tahir,
Yes, it’s possible. You can check the following links:

  1. Redirect Payment Page after Submission - Option to Edit Submission Prior to Payment

I hope that helps!

cant see how i can redirect to payment after form submission…I am using stripe addon for payment and its in the main form

Gravity Flow has a Stripe Extension which allows workflows to authorize payments during the initial form submission (pre-orders), capture or cancel the payment at a later date, refund payments and create and cancel recurring subscriptions. For your case, it sounds like the Capture Payment step would be the setup you want, but if you want to ask for the payment details or expect to process the payment +7 days after the initial form submission, then the Form Checkout step would be a better fit.

Any step that involves user interaction can have an email sent out to the assignee, or a separate notification step can be added to the workflow.

If your orders are high value, involve customization, or any other reason where you might want a manual review before the payment is taken, the user input or approval step types could be added between submission and payment to give you that flexibility.


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let me rephrase my question :

  1. I have a form where i am using stripe addon
  2. Unless someone click the SUBMIT button, no form info is saved. To click the submit button user will need to add card info.

I want a solution where user submit complete form and after submission the user sees the payment info. To achieve that the user has to click submit button which currently does not seem possible without payment.

Hi Tahir,

The Form Checkout step approach would be what you want. The payment details would not be asked for on the initial form. By customizing the Form > Confirmation or email notification for the payment step, you’d have multiple approaches to ensure the customer completes the payment.

If you run into any questions trying to get things set up exactly how you want, our support team is just a message away and ready to help.


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Another idea that comes to mind is making use of Gravity Forms Partial Entries add-on.

You could add a Page Break field to your form, move the Stripe and Product fields to page 2, and enable the partial entries feature. All the form data entered on page 1 would then be automatically saved when a user moves to page 2 of your form.