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I am building a booking form where I want to collect the payment as early as possible (i.e. customer name and email, then ask for payment). After a successful payment, I want to present the user with the other additional form fields which are required, this would all preferably need to be part of the same form.

Is this possible with GF and the Stripe addon, especially using Stripe Checkout?

Feedback would be appreciated.

Hi Joe. All our payment add-ons require that the payment be collected on the last page of the form, as the final step. So it won’t work the way you describe it. You could have a short form to collect payment, and then use the confirmation redirect to send them to the next part of your form, which will actually be another form. Will that work for you?

If it’s not possible to do it with one form, how can form data be shared from the original payment form (via url params or another way)?
The second form would been need to be sure that the first form had the payment successfully processed, and to also pass on the customer name and email.

Yes, you can use URL parameters to pass information between forms:

Or Gravity Wiz has a plugin called “Easy Passthrough” which can be used for this as well:

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Having separate activities happen following payment is exactly what Gravity Flow and its’ Stripe extension (that leverage Gravity Forms Stripe add-on) was designed to do. Whether that’s having the initial form be light on visible fields, and then post-payment feed processing having a user input step define more editable fields (which are set to administrative visibility on the form editor), or having a separate payment form submission be a step in the workflow.

If the time between initial form submission and any payment processing would be more than 7 days, you’d want to look at the form submission step because Stripe will automatically cancel (expire) an authorisation after 7 days.


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