Stripe payment on step 2 of a 10 page form

I have a large 10 page form. The payment is on step 2. However, the Stripe payment doesn’t get processed until the entire form is submitted on page 10.

Is there a way I can make the payment go through on step 2 rather than wait for the user to get to page 10?

I’ve had a read through and google, but nothing seems to address this specific issue.

You could simulate that flow by having two forms instead of one form. The first form is steps 1-2 and then redirects to another form to capture the data for the rest of your steps: Populating a Form Based On Another Submission | Gravity Forms

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Along the same lines as what @karlpotter has suggested, the Gravity Flow Form Connector extension may be of interest to you. The setup docs for its’ form submission step specifically show how to use a payment form with stripe for that exact purpose. The Stripe extension also has some other payment based step types that could help depending on your post-payment workflow.


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