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Hey Gravity Form People.

I am wondering if it is possible with Gravity Forms to allow a user to pay a deposit, complete checkout and be invoiced for the remainder of the product balance.

EG: customer registers for a program and can pay a $30 deposit and submit $270 later
or pay the $300 now.

I am currently using dynamic pricing to allow the user to pay in full or just the deposit but haven’t figured out how to bill them later other than to just send an email requesting payment.
But then how do I record that payment in my website.

If it isn’t possible to record the second payment then I think it would be easier to just collect $30 from everyone and request the remaining balance in an email.

I’d love to hear feedback on this. Thank you.

Krystal, by default Gravity Forms job ends after submission. So the use case described is not something you can do out of the box, but maybe the following third-party add-on created by one of our certified developers could help to setup a workflow to achieve your goal:

I would recommend you to reach the author for any questions.

Hi Krystal,

Samuel is correct that Gravity Flow makes coordinating deposit and balance of payments or additional billing cycles to be quite easy. The easiest setup would be with the Gravity Forms Stripe add-on and our Stripe extension.

Note that if the time between initial form submission/deposit and second payment will be longer than 7 days Stripe will invalidate any authorisation. For those cases, you could either use a separate payment form use our Form Connector extension. Check out our Form Submission step documentation to see how it enables field mapping between forms, use of merge tags so the customer experiences one seamless user experience - with scheduled/expiring steps controlling when the next notifications are sent to them for action.


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