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Hi community,
I’d like to do a form with name, signature (with sign add on) for 10 students. Each student fill the form independently.
For the notification, I’d like to have only one notification with all the names and signatures on the same pdf or email. Is that possible ? Any idea ?
Stéphane from Paris.

Notifications are tied to the form submission, so including information from previous entries in a notification is not something you can do using Gravity Forms out of the box.

Maybe you can do something using Gravity Flow, I would recommend you to reach them: Contact - Gravity Flow

@sacom is correct that Gravity Flow has a couple approaches you could use depending on how you want to structure part of your solution.

  • Specific # of students or which students must submit together?
    The Form Connector extension has a ‘Create an Entry’ step type that you can map data from the originating form. This would fit if you want “someone” to pick how many students should fill in the form and/or what student (WP user or email) should be assigned. Either email fields or multi-user select fields that would then be completing a user input step for the student form.

  • More flexibility for which students entries are grouped together?
    The Parent/Child extension can let you associate multiple forms - with the “child form” being your student form. In this, through merge tags you could have a block/shortcode on a page be the link that gets sent to students to complete such as{entry_id}. This would be a better fit if the number of students who submit, or which ones submit for a given parent form entry, is less important.

Depending on approach, the single notification with all names/signatures could be done through no code approach mostly with merge tags (for example if the child forms use the Form Connector Update an Entry step type to map their data back to the parent form entry. Or by creating your own custom merge tag and using the GFAPI to search for child entries to create a table within the parents notification.

If you do purchase any of the Gravity Flow plugins, drop our support staff a message with a bit more detail about how you would prefer to setup and we can give you more specific pointers if you need any.


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