Is there a way to dynamically populate a form based on multiple submissions of another form?

I currently have a attendance record form where all parents of children I coach soccer have to log their arrival, departure and sign (for COVID-19 reasons).

It works well in it’s current state because after everyone has logged their child’s arrival and departure time, I complete the form and submit it so it emails me a table of the attendances.

The problem I have is that it requires each parent to use the tablet twice (at the start and the finish of training). What I was hoping to do is create a form that each parent fills out on their own smartphone and submits themselves when they’re about to leave, but I’d still rather get a single email of everyone’s attendance rather than 12 individual emails.

Can I use, in my current form, fields that pull in all the submissions (for the day) from the single child attendance form that I may create?

I’ve read through the article on populating another form using query strings (, but it won’t be useful for pushing or pulling 12 individual submissions into one form.

I’m open to any suggestions of other ways to achieve what I’m after.

I’d give the Populate Anything perk a look. Sounds like it could possibly meet your needs.

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