Form on multiple pages

I am looking for a solution if it is possible to have a single form across multiple WP pages, the form separate into sections across multiple pages , but when submitted it becomes a single entry.
Is that possible?

Hi Robin. Using a single form on multiple WordPress pages is not supported. A multi-page form in Gravity Forms will be rendered in different page views, always on the same WordPress page URL though.

You could use individual forms, and pass the data from one form to the next, where the final form submission will result in all data being recorded in one entry (for the last form.) All the other forms will have entries too, each with progressively more data (starting at form 1.)

There are several methods to send the data from one form on to the next. There is a plugin which makes this very easy: Gravity Forms Easy Passthrough - Gravity Wiz

You can also do this manually using this procedure:

If you need any other information or ideas, please let us know.

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Thanks. I’ll give this a try.

If you have something unique (like a signed in user) to associate the different forms to, the Gravity Flow Form Connector extension would be one to consider for your use case. See our documentation on creating a new entry. Alternatively, if you are just looking to give the user an ability to save/submit smaller portions of a very large form, the user input step might be what you want to look at. By setting up separate inbox pages (via blocks or shortcode) with the assignee notification providing them a direct link to “continue” their entry, you could give a multi-page submission experience.

It’s an interesting goal/use case. Please share some details when you have gotten to a solution you are satisfied with.