Displaying form fields on a different page

Can Gravity Forms collect and store fields entered onto a form, for the purpose of allowing me to display any field(s) from the form onto a different WP page?

If yes, how do I go about doing this?

And if the user logs onto their WP page, they can see the data field(s) again.

A simple example would be like, the form asks for the users name and age. It is submitted. Now the next time, the user logs on, he gets a page that displays “Hey [name]”. As mentioned this is just an example to better explain what I want.

Once Gravity Forms collects the data, it is stored in your WordPress database. At that point, you can show it anywhere you like, but WordPress pages are not processed by Gravity Forms, so you will need another method.

For user information, if that is stored in the user’s profile (for example, using the User Registration add-on) you could use a plugin like this one: https://wordpress.org/plugins/user-shortcodes-plus/

For information that is not stored in the user’s profile, and exists only in the Gravity Forms entry, I don’t have a solution for that.

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This is very useful, thank you Chris!