Display collected form data on frontend!

Six years ago it was mentioned in a forum post that you were working on a module to display the data on the frontend:

“We are in the process of creating a “Front-End Entries Display” add-on (not officially named yet).”

I can’t believe that after all these years, we still have no way of displaying the form entries on the front-end! This seems to me that it should have been a natural fit and one of the core functions added once you got the creation of forms polished.

The data is clearly stored in the database so it would seem to be an easy task to create a module to display the data since you already do this in the admin section when we display the form entries.

PLEASE create some options for us to display the data we collect! At least start out with a simple table and add on from that.

This would really complete the circle and make what is already a great form creator the best option out there for any WP user.


GravityView beat us to the punch and their product is great:

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