Frontend view form data

Hi folks,
Are there alternatives to GravityView to display form data on the front end?
I have a full license to GravityView but I really don’t like it at all. It regularly crashes my site, adds in WAYYY too much bulk in my screen views and simply doesn’t work very well.

The functionality is awesome and I love the things it tries to do.
Their support is really great and they are awesome people who always help me.

But…most times I need to use it for something I cringe, procrastinate or put it off entirely because I know it is going to be a painful project that will almost definitely uncover a bug in the code or just plain not work.

I recommend working with GravityView in order to resolve the issues you are having with their plugin and your project. What you are experiencing is not normal.

As far as displaying entries on the front end, without GravityView, you would need to create your own custom code to display the data in a format you like. Take a look at our GFAPI documentation for the options you have for retrieving Gravity Forms data from the database:

Thank you.

Sigh. That is unfortunate.
If I could write custom code I wouldn’t be using either of your products :wink:

Update. The slow Gravity Forms queries have officially killed my site.
My host has suspended the site until I resolve the issue. Which I have no idea how to do. And I asked you guys for help. And Gravity View and none of you helped me. Just took my money and said have a nice day good luck.

Hi Krystal. I see that you opened another topic. I’ll close this one. I recommend that you contact Gravity Forms support for assistance with the database query.

Thank you.