Entires showing in database but not on frontend

I’m able to make a submission and view the confirmation page but the entries are not updating on the frontend, or at least there’s a delay. I turned on debugging mode and don’t see any issues, everything says success. I opened up mysql and I can see the entries are being written to the db. But again, when I go to the frontend these new entries do not show.

Also, according to the logs the email notification is successful but I’m also not receiving any emails.


Hi Nathan. I recommend opening a support ticket with Gravity Forms if the front end you’re referring to is from Gravity Forms, or with GravityView if you are using GravityView to display entries on the front end:

Hello Nathan,

If you are using GravityView, please make sure to read this: My entries are not showing up - GravityView Support, Knowledge Base, How-To & Docs otherwise, please contact us at GravityView Support - GravityView

Thank you

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