Gravity form filled on the website, then press submit but never receive this submit, entry in WP also not received

Hello guys,

I am seeking for help with Gravity Form issue.

Here is situation:

Using Gravity form on the website.

After this Form is Filled (Quote Form a and second form Contact Me) then press submit button on the website. But never receive this submit into email which I have in notification. Also can not see entry in WP in the section Form.

I did update on WP and plugins, all went fine. This problem with Gravity Form appeared basically 3-4 days after all updates were completed.

I asked developer to try to fix it. So web developing company tried to submit those forms and it worked for their company email also for gmail. But I did test with more people and it was not working for anyone else. Any advice what can be issue and how to resolve this issue with Gravity Form?

Thank you a lot.

Have a great day!


Anything in your PHP error log? If not, try it with debug logging on?

Actually I checked the core log file and I can see that email from agency went throught, even reported in the entry. All the other emails I can not see in the core log.

How would potential error be appearing there?

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand your reply. Are you saying there is nothing in the log file for the times of the failed entries?

If so, can you get an affected user to try again after you have WP_DEBUG_LOG enabled?

I have this file. Is this correct one?

And what time was the failed entry?

There does appear to be an email address failing is_email() - can you show how the notification is configured?

Please see the photos.

I found it out yesterday in around 10.30 am Australian Timezone. Last Request Quotes came in the night time Friday-> Saturday Australian timezone

Wordpress update and plugin updates was done this This Thursday Morning

For reference, I would recommend providing future replies in one reply rather than posting each picture in a separate reply and multiple messages - one reply makes it easier to follow.

Are you saying that there are no log entries around the time of the last failed entry?

Ok. Thanks for kind reminder.

The only entries after that time are entries from web developing agency which they did on Saturday when I contacted them with this issue. Only their entries went through. No other entries.

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