Missing form submissions


I added a new license key to my WP Gravity Form Plugin on May 29th. It was brought to my attention that no submissions were received between May 29th and July 5th for one of my forms but submissions came thought during this time on another form.

After reviewing the to: email addresses and confirming they were valid I am totally confused why this would be. Email and entries in the backend were not received.


Hi Jana. On the form with the missing submissions, check the Form Settings under Form Options for the “Anti-spam honeypot”: Screenshot on 2023-07-11 at 17-32-35.png - Droplr

If you have the honeypot enabled and the entries are discarded rather than saved and marked as spam, that could be what happened to them. Please let us know.

Hello, after doing quite a bit of troubleshooting I’ve discovered that my emails and entries are going to spam. I’ve enabled honeyspot and then Google capatcha and this didn’t fix the problem. What else can I do?

Hi Jana. I recommend enable Gravity Forms logging:

Then testing the form, and opening a support ticket:

Be sure to include your system status report:

Thank you.

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