Form submits, Entry is not registered

Hello! We a couple of different gravity forms on our site that were functioning fine, but have recently stopped registering entries. The form flows easily, conditional logic is met, if applicable, buttons display and click to next page and/or submit fine, and submission message is displayed. However, nothing is showing under Entries on the backend and no email is being sent.
Can anyone help me troubleshoot this???
Thank you!!!

Hi Catie. It sounds like the submissions are being caught by the anti-spam honeypot. Check the Form Settings for any particular form, and see if Anti-spam honeypot is enabled, and if the behavior is set to “Do not create an entry”. The settings will look like this Screenshot on 2023-05-25 at 11-45-47.png - Droplr

If they do, you can temporarily disable the honeypot, then save the settings. Or you can select the other radio button “Create an entry and mark it as spam”. That way you will receive an entry in the Spam folder and you can review them there to see if they are false positives, and troubleshoot from there. Thank you.

You are fantastic!!! That worked.

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