Forms appear OK on site but no entries are saved

Hi There
Forms that have been working for years have suddenly stopped saving entries and sending notifications. Have tried reinstalling gravity forms and updating wordpress but still not saving entries.
Any ideas?

Hi Richard. We will need a support ticket to assist with this issue:

Be sure to include your system status report. Thank you.

Hello Richard,
Just wondering, does your form happen to have alternative/ conditional confirmation pages (not messages)?

Because I have a similar problem when the condition of a confirmation page is met, the page isn’t redirected, the entry isn’t saved and no mail is being send.
It only saves entries/ redirects/ mails on the standard confirmation when no condition is met.

This happened after updating from v2.6.9 to v2.7.2.

I still need to do do some debugging myself. But I’m wondering if your problem is the same.

The support team sorted it, it was the Spam honeypot setting. took that off and it started working again.
Thanks guys

Hi Richard,
Than it’s not the same problem, and I’ll have to do some more debugging.
Thanks for the update anyway!