Notification for partial entry not being sent

I have the partial entries add-on. When a partial entry is entered the data shows up in the entries but a notification is not sent. I have a separate notification setup to be sent with the event “Partial Entries: Saved”.

If I go into the entries list and re-send the notification it will work. But I need it to send automatically.

Hi Brad. Please see our documentation here regarding troubleshooting notifications:

The first step will be to enable logging and test your form in a way that triggers a partial entry ‘saved’ notification. Then check the log to see if Gravity Forms and WordPress tried to send the notification, then continue troubleshooting from there.


Of course, once I turned on logging it started to work.

It’s strange the number of times I’ve heard that reported. I’m glad it’s working, but if it stops, please let us know. I recommend keeping logging enabled in the event it does stop working. At that point, we will be able to refer back to the log and see what happened.

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