Partial Entries - Trying to acheive abandoned cart functionality

Hey everyone,

I am attempting to setup a type of abandoned cart functionality with the partial entries add on.

I have set a notification for an email to be sent to the admin when the the partial entry is added… but this email is being triggered immediately, before the person has the chance to complete the entire multi-step form.

Can anyone suggest a solution of how to delay the email from being sent, based on the either:

  1. The user closing the browser tab; or

  2. Leaving the form not filled out for a period of time (an hour etc)?

If anyone is asking this same question in future, here is the reply I received via a support ticket from the Gravity Forms team:

"Out of the box, partial entries aren’t resumable, and the notifications can’t be delayed. I’m only aware of one add-on which offers an integration with the PE add-on, enabling the partial entries to be resumed and notifications scheduled; Gravity Flow. Take a look at the following pages:

Partial Entries - Gravity Flow "

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