Notification only in stage1 of multiforrm (w/partial entries) and in the last stage

Hi, i have gravity form with parital entries, it send on all stages to zapier and also i setup notification with “event: partial entries:saved” but i want it to send the email only on first stage…i want the 3 next stages not to send the email notification , how is this possible? thanks for your help!

i have the elite plan, why no one help here? where do i get better support?

Hi John,

Let me know if this is correct.

Keep in in mind that Partial entries will be saved anytime someone abandons the form without submitting no matter the step.

A little recap of how this works:

  1. Therefore the ZAP runs everytime the “event: partial entries:saved” is triggered.
  2. The ZAP will then send an email notification.

I’m assuming that the email notification is triggered by Zapier and not Gravity Forms.

Another way to achieve this is with GFAPI and it will give you more control over how, what and when you want to send notifications.

Using *GFAPI* ::send_notifications() you can send custom notifications using AJAX when someone clicks on the next button of Step 1.


the email notification is triggered by gravity form, i set it up to entry saved

Ok, I see.

It looks like theres a hook that allows you to disable notifications based on certain conditions.

I think this would solve your issue.

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