Is webhook plugin able to send the first stage of multiform to zapier?

Hi, i have a working multistage form (4 stages) and i am using the zapier plugin to send the data to zapier and from there to salesforce. i would like to catch and send the first stage (fname, lname,email,phone) to zapier too…is this possible with the webhook plugin (i have it installed)? if so , how? can someone guide me?

Hi John. If you have the Webhooks Add-On, you should have access to the Partial Entries Add-On. With that, you can trigger feeds when a partial entry is saved or updated.

Here is the hook to use to trigger feeds when a partial entry is saved or updated:

the problem is that i want to catch only the first stage, when i try this it sends muliple calls and create multiple zaps for each of my 4 stages…can you actually show a code or setup that will work?

Hi John.

You can get the current page like this:

$current_page = GFFormDisplay::get_current_page( rgar( $form, 'id' ) );

Then you can test if the current page is 1 and run the code. Or, if you use the filter with the saved event like this gform_partialentries_post_entry_saved, that will run only when the partial entry is saved the first time (not updated.)

can you or is there anyone who can help with this i am willing to pay?

You can find some help for hire here:


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