Is webhook plugin able to send the first stage of multiform to zapier?

Hi, i have a working multistage form (4 stages) and i am using the zapier plugin to send the data to zapier and from there to salesforce. i would like to catch and send the first stage (fname, lname,email,phone) to zapier too…is this possible with the webhook plugin (i have it installed)? if so , how? can someone guide me?

Hi John. If you have the Webhooks Add-On, you should have access to the Partial Entries Add-On. With that, you can trigger feeds when a partial entry is saved or updated.

Here is the hook to use to trigger feeds when a partial entry is saved or updated:

the problem is that i want to catch only the first stage, when i try this it sends muliple calls and create multiple zaps for each of my 4 stages…can you actually show a code or setup that will work?

Hi John.

You can get the current page like this:

$current_page = GFFormDisplay::get_current_page( rgar( $form, 'id' ) );

Then you can test if the current page is 1 and run the code. Or, if you use the filter with the saved event like this gform_partialentries_post_entry_saved, that will run only when the partial entry is saved the first time (not updated.)

can you or is there anyone who can help with this i am willing to pay?

You can find some help for hire here:


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For anyone finding this question from searches on the forum and trying to do it without code, or as little code as possible, using Gravity Flow and its’ Outgoing Webhook Step Type can let you control the timing/order. It also allows the data from the response Zapier provides to map back into the entry which lets you decide if a subsequent step should occur through conditional logic.

@user63bc923f0bdd6596 - This could also allow you to skip Zapier all together, and make API requests to Salesforce. You would likely need to use gravityflow_webhook_args to ensure the correct authentication is provided (recommend that isn’t stored into DB wherever possible).

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