Webhooks on a Multi-page form?

Hello all

We have a multi-page form and are using the webhook function to send the data from that form to our api.

We are seeing that this webhook is not fired every time, and in some cases fires at step 2 and in others step 3 (of 3)

  1. Can we get the webhook to fire on every submission step and if yes, how?
  2. Can we get a better understanding of the expected functionality of the webhook function? Why would this fire on different steps?

Hi Damon. The Webhooks Add-On feed will be processed after successful form submission, not after every page transition in a multi-page form.

If you want to process the Webhooks feed after every page transition, you can use the Partial Entries Add-On. When using that add-on, a partial entry will be created (or updated) with each page transition or based on the WordPress heartbeat. Here’s how it works:

When using the Partial Entries Add-On, you have access to two new hooks:

Based on the documentation here:

The documentation shows processing various feeds when a partial entry is updated. I believe that is what you want to do. If you need anything else, please let us know.

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