Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On Help [RESOLVED]

Hello, fellow Gravity users,
I have been using the Gravity Forms Partial Entries Add-On but it does not seem to be consistent. At first, it was working sometimes and now it does not seem to work at all. If I push 5 stars and navigate away from the page it should log the entry right?

I assume when you mention ‘5 stars’ that you are using the Survey add-on. Be sure you are using the latest version, v3.5.1 from here

There is a fix for an issue with the Survey fields not triggering the saved entry on a multi-page form.

The Partial Entries add-on will save the partial progress of the form submission when there is a page transition in a multi-page form, on submission and validation error, and based on the websites WordPress heartbeat, however that is configured.

Finally, some hosts (WP Engine for one) disable the WordPress heartbeart scripts. In that case, only the page transitions and validation errors would trigger a partial entry.

If you need more assistance, I recommend opening a support ticket:

Currently I am on dreamhost. Do you know of know issues on this host? When if there is no page transition. You just enter a form give 5 stars then leave.

It should save an entry with that information right?

If there is a heartbeat triggered by WordPress, yes, that would be saved. If there is no heartbeat (in other words, if the heartbeat does not occur after the star rating is clicked, and before they navigate away), and no page transition, then it might not be saved. Also, be sure you are using the Survey add-on v3.5.1

I don’t have any information about Dreamhost and the WordPress heartbeat being disabled.

I am and I just updated everything else on the whole install. So are you saying I should reach out to dreamhost support and see if they have the “WordPress heartbeat” feature enabled?

You could reach out to Dreamhost, or you can reach out to Gravity Forms support for assistance.

It was a host issue so I needed their help to get it resolved. I am using zapier to send this data to a google sheet but it does not seem to be working for partial submissions. Am I missing something? What is a good way to get partial data into a google sheet? Thanks for your help Chris.

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