Send for data when they close window

Hello Gravity wizards,
I wanted to explore if anyone had done something like this.

I have a form that asks for feedback. If they click 4-5 stars I give them a google link they can click to leave me a review.

After giving them the link they leave the page and never submit the 4-5 star rating. Can the data auto-submit when they X out?

Thanks for your help with this. The Gravity community is awesome!

Can you show them the link AFTER the form is submitted, in the form Confirmation?

If you have an Elite license, you could use the Partial Entries add-on, which should do the trick to capture their information before they leave:

Ya that would be awesome unfortunately no. They never submit the form when I pass them to google.

Ok that maybe the solution. Are there options outside buying the Elite License?

Ok I am looking at the options on the notification. currently it seems like I have to pick between a partial submission and a full submission.

Can I have it trigger on both? I have it sending me an email when someone submits this info but it seems like I am limited to one option.