Save and continue / partial entry addon Heartbeat wayyyy too long


I seems like changing WP autosave interval in the wp config like so:

define( ‘AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’, 15 );

Doesn’t change the behavior of GF Save and Continue and/or Partial Entries saving frequency.

It looks like GF is using 30 seconds as a heartbeat frequency which is just WAY TOO LONG. In reality it looks like it’s even longer since it’s 30 seconds + the time it took the user to fill the fields required to trigger the partial entry to be created, so we end up with something like 45 seconds.

I’m actually extremely surprised to see that the partial entry addon doesn’t trigger saving the entry immediately after all the required fields are filled/conditions are met.

Needless to say that the lead is long gone when the 45 seconds threshold occurs which defeats the purpose of the partial entry addon.

Please provide a way to lower that interval so we won’t loose tons of leads because of this.

Please also consider triggering the saving of the partial entry immediately once all the conditions are met instead of waiting for the next heartbeat.


Gravity Forms uses the WordPress Heartbeat interval, which is 15 seconds by default. You can change that with a plugin like this:

Gravity Forms will honor the WordPress setting, whatever that is. The partial entry is also saved when navigating to a new page in a multi-page form.

Thanks, I thought it was 30 seconds due to quite a lot of mentions like “wp.heartbeat.interval( 30 );” in the “includes/locking/js/” of Gravity form source and monitoring the time before the entry is created really looked way more then just 15 seconds (looked like 35sec+).

So the partial entry isn’t created as soon as the conditions are met, correct?

Looks like having a multi page would be a good solution instead of a crazily low interval…

Correct, only under those two conditions I mentioned (a heartbeat pulse, or submission or paging in a multi-page form.)