Partial Entry Save

Am having a multipage gravity form which has save and continue later button enabled. Am using GravityView and Partial Entries plugins to display all the saved Forms in a table.

I would to exclusively capture all the partial entries when save and continue later button is clicked.
How do I go about it?

That’s not a feature of the Partial Entries add-on. Note that Partial Entries and Save and Continue are completely different features and each one saves a different thing:

Partial Entries - Saves a partial entry without requiring an action from the user.
Save and Continue - Saves the form, requires the user to click the save and continue button.

Thanks Samuel. I understand that both plugins are different, under Partial Entries reference. They say:

  • A partial entry is also saved when a page of the form is submitted (like a multipage form or a submission with a validation error) or the Save and Continue Later link is used.

Is there away to prevent Partial Entries from Collecting data until Save and Continue Later is submitted?

What am trying to achieve is this; am using Gravityview to display all the finished and submitted forms on one table and incomplete forms(saved) on the other table.

Thanks and I will really appreciate for your support.

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