Add Save and Continue link to Partial Entry

I have both Partial Entry and Save and Continue added to a very large form containing 105 Survey questions. We have had random issues where some users are mostly complete then accidentally refresh or close a window without hitting save and continue. We still have the data, but we need to be able to allow them to pick up where they left off. Is there any way (hack or otherwise) to add a “Save and Continue Link” to a partial entry? Then they could use the link to access the partially completed form, complete all remaining fields, and submit. I have about 8 disgruntled users that will not complete this monster form unless they can pick up where they left off. We want this data, so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

So it seems that the Save and Continue (SaC) data is saved in a different table while the partial entry data is saved in the entry meta table. Which makes it very difficult to do what I am asking for. That’s a bummer. What is the purpose of separating SaC data from the main entries?.. But why is it okay to allow partial entries to be saved with completed entries?

I feel that SaC and Partial Entries should be one plugin with settings to interface with logged-in users to persist their data and for anonymous users with options to save and use a link to access saved data (like current SaC functionality). Settings should also contain options for saving frequency and mechanism you wish to use (Submit/Next vs WP Ajax Heartbeat).

It seems that some developers have tried to accomplish this at one point, but all the add-ons that I found are dead or no longer supported. Is there a supported add-on that works with the lastest version of GF? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @jghonn. It sounds like you have some great ideas for the Save and Continue functionality as well as the Partial Entries Add-On. If you would like to suggest those for consideration, I recommend adding that to our product roadmap. Click the blue :heavy_plus_sign: in the lower left on this page to add a note for our product team:

Thank you.