Partial Entries Question [RESOLVED]

i just activated the Partial Entries Add on and was wondering if forms that are already in process that users have clicked Save and Continue would show up automatically under the partial entries tab or if it would only show partial entries that are begun after the add on has been activated?

If not, how can I get access to the data from forms that have employed Save and Continue. We are about to switch over our website and want to make sure we have all that data. The form in question is extremely lengthy and we don’t want to annoy our users who are in the middle of filling it out.

Hi Michael. The Partial Entries add-on and Save and Continue functionality are not related and don’t really overlap. Any progress saved with Save and Continue will not create a partial entry.

Accessing the data stored with the Save and Continue functionality is not a feature of Gravity Forms. That data is stored in an obfuscated format in the database, but it’s not part of any entry.

I think you will have to try something else to be sure you don’t annoy your users. Maybe you will want to email them to let them know they have a certain amount of time to continue their progress on any saved form. If they come back to the site and continue where they left off, and you have already activated the Partial Entries Add-On, a partial entry will be created for them, and you will have their data.

If you have any other questions, please let us know.

Thanks Chris. We got everything figured out through trial and error. Luckily, there was nobody who appears to have been in the middle of using that form and our migration is now complete, so we’re in good shape.


Thanks for the update Michael. Let us know if you need anything else.